You could try jumper it to SATA 1. I also like the suggestion of the linux way of trying to save some files. Also mentioned was ensuring drivers were loaded in c drive. Maybe I have this all wrong but isn’t sata raid setup for adding a disk to run along and mirror another disk with the same info which improves performance and you have a back up if one or the other crashes? The book states to create a security array which would be one disk with data and you add another and then copy all of the files on to it. But you can do slipstream XP installation disk and to include the necessary drivers.

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I reckon the disk is SATA 2. But you can do slipstream XP installation disk and to include the necessary drivers.

Thank you very much for response. I know its here somewhere I think but cannot find the exact command to activate sata.

I did not mention that the error I get from the wifes computer is during boot up the warning is S. I did try the Ubuntu cd with ASUS and was impressed with it, but running computer with it, it showed drive but did not let me access it so it must be down for the count.

Will give it satta go and report back.

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Any thoughts on saga or do you feel after doing as you suggest it will not ask me to re-format drive? Under define array it gives first line as array 1 and then you select the Raid Mode, total drives capacity and status for the array 1.


Thinking I had to install a new drive no matter what, I bought a new sata drive and went into the array setup and was able to add it as a drive and recognize it. Mas with the drive model listed which is the bad drive I want to access, the capacity of the drive which is correct and Assignment N.

MSI K7N2 DELTA2-FSR – motherboard – ATX – Socket A – nForce2 Ultra 400

You posted while I was still typing but as mentioned above it seems you need to download the drivers if you don’t have the floppy. I have not yet been able to find a guide, just the Home Help Search Login Register. Like always, any help or suggestions greatly appreciated. When trying to set it up for the raid on MSI it also showed it as being there but just not able to access it.

The book is telling me after reboot I have to format the drive which is what I do not want to do.

Am I correct on all this? Sorry for being so newbie on the questions. You guys are really the best. You will then need to settle which disk to boot from – not a big issue.

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Plugged it into the SER1 on my board and booted up. Instead of trying to get it to work in your PC there is another option. Yes, we know she’s hot! Best thing after that would be to burn the important files to optical disc s as soon as possible.


Because I am guessing in this setup, really do not need windows right now for anything so I get a new hard drive and copy the damaged drive info to it using this sataraid set up? Thanks again for all the help. Concern is the drive may be to large but I think I had larger drives on machine in the past. Have your computing friend in life gotten herself a new disk yet? Ok, set it up in the array settings on boot. And what you found is the controller, which seems to work well. MSI is earthquakingly slow today, so I have trouble being more specific.

One option is to hit ctrl-Y to save this setting which i am guessing to do.

run sata hard drive on K7N2 Delta series

Please login or register. Your computing wife will need another disk, so you could wait and attach the suspected drive later to her system. So no worry about re-formating the damaged drive before I get the info from it.