By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Living in a space colony is difficult, and even ‘basic’ tasks are skilled labour. No other known sink construct can retain such high levels of energy without decomposing. Astrogational maps are based on this fact and are not accurately scaled maps for astronomical purposes. Jump numbers range from 1 to 6; higher jump numbers are not possible in ordinary usage, although misjumps can carry ships over greater distances. That’s how it gets around the infinite power requirement for accelerating past lightspeed; it uses the whole universe for fuel. Very little energy is lost from leakage; however, fluctuations in energy input are mirrored in the output when the crystals are drained.

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The ship is in jumpspace, and not even ships jumping next to each other can see each other. During jump transition, power is routed to specific portions of the hull as directed by the jump governor. The television series Dark Matter employs a jump drive known as a blink drive to teleport to desired locations in the galaxy. With jumldrive precision, the governor applies initial bursts of energy in the proper sequence to the hull grid.

Jump Drive

Jump is the term traveeller to describe the movement of matter from one point in normal space N-space to another point in normal space by travelling through a different plane of existence, called jumpspace J-space. This time spent in the jumpspace tunnel is referred to as time “in the hole” by experienced travellers.

The next step is the transition phase, and commits the craft to the jump. As for Dualspace TechnologyDualspace Biology is an extension of Jumpspace Biology to create living things that can function in both normal and Jump space. Even with only Jump-1 drives, starships can suffer accidental misjumps that can carry them much further than their jump drive rating would normally allow, out to perhaps six times further than the maximum range of a standard Jump Drive.


No other known sink construct can retain such high levels of energy without decomposing. A basic rule of thumb is that a starship requires fuel storage equal to its rating as a percentage of mass. The CoDominium series by Jerry Pournelle which begun publication in features the Alderson jump drive. This page uses content from Wikipedia. By controlling the surges to within microseconds, the vessel’s tumble is controlled, which properly directs the craft through jumpspace.

No, create an account now. You can still buy low and try to sell high, though. For a single Jump Unit! Some misjumps reduce a jump-6 to a mere jump-1, or convert a jump-1 into jump, 20, or higher. Other sophont species are referred to as Minor Races and are believed to have derived their first Jump Drive from interstellar trade, reverse-engineered technologyor other non-independent origins.

Precisely what sort of ecosystem it might be possible to create in Jumpspace – and what ecosystem may already exist there – is left up to the individual GM Jump travel is not well understood.

No Jump Drive Traveller – Mongoose Publishing

Thus when they Jump ships would be surrounded by a cloud of venting hot hydrogen gas. The novel Hyperdrive by Tim Parise featured a kind of jump drive that operated by altering the jumpdriv of a ship or object within the framework of space-time, causing it to move instantly between two points.


The maximum jump rating at the attainable tech level jumpdriv the Third Imperium is six parsecs at J-6 and TL I’m just saying that it’s highly effective and I strongly recommend using it. J-6 drives can only travel through the first six levels.

Traveloer the data storage device, see USB flash drive. Many space craft featured in the franchise have a type of “hyperspace” technology, while the stargates themselves employ a “wormhole” technology which is used for almost instantaneous travel from one point to another across many light years including intergalactic travel.

Jump Drive – Traveller

In particular, the Jump Drive fusion reactor is external to the ship, though the rest of the Jump Drive remains part of the ship. Harnessing the power of an artificial black holethe drive was designed to project a focused beam of gravitons, folding space and allowing the ship to pass through and arrive immediately at the new location. An additional 36 have since been discovered that are comparable in scale, and are accessible only by jump drive.

Gurps Traveller at least makes sure there’s always enough power available. Higher rated jump drives require much larger fuel supplies. With the development of antimatter power sources, it is almost inevitable that this technology would be applied to Jump Drives.

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