Auto-loading tape reels and drives, avoiding manual tape threading Group coded recording for error recovery. RAM buffer to mask start-stop delays [6] [7]. Bacula expects fixed block size tape drives to behave as follows: The amount of data should be greater than your memory 3 3. Then be sure to run some append tests with Bacula where you start and stop Bacula between appending to the tape, or use btape version 1.

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As some data can be compressed to a smaller size than the files on hard disk, it has ultrihm commonplace when marketing tape drives to state the capacity with the assumption of a 2: Then according to what the btape test command returns, you will probably need to set the following see below for an alternative:.

Tape device name format

Our sequentiql is to provide exceptional service. However, tape drives can stream data very quickly off a tape when the required position has been reached.

Also used standard audio cassettes. Linear Tape File System LTFSwhich allows accessing files on tape in the file system directly similar to disk filesystems without an additional tape library database. You should be able to verify the tape compression status with sysfs on Linux. HP GB rst0a – rewind device, format is: Some SCSI tape drivers will use a fast means of seeking to the end of the medium and in doing so, they will not know the current file position and hence return a Bacula does not support SysV tape behavior.


As a consequence, you should ignore that field as well as the Attached Changer field. The tape drive associated with this device is in a tape library or is in a medium changer that is in the library mode.

LTO Ultrium Tape Drives

See above for more details. It isn’t necessary to run the autochanger part of the test at this time, but do not ulhrium past this point until the basic test succeeds. This is not the recommended procedure because it can enormously slow down recovery of files, but it may help where all else fails.

Data tape drives may use advanced data integrity techniques such as multilevel forward error correction, shingling, and linear serpentine layout for writing data to tape.

If you have built the mtx program in the depkgs package, u,trium can use tapeinfo to get quite a bit of information about your tape drive even if it is not an autochanger. With option -C 0 or 1 you can disable or activate compression.

This has been confirmed by several other people using different hardware. The long term solution is to run your drive in variable block mode as described above.

Tape drive – Wikipedia

Each write to the drive results in a single record being written to the tape. There is a Solaris version of this tool. The hp lto ultrium 5 driver of the detonation development of 2 signals is intended. It is very likely that Bacula has tried to do block positioning and ended up at an invalid block.

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However there is a big difference, that end-of-data ignores file position, whereas filemarks returns the real number of skipped files, so OS can track current file number just in filemarks case.

Tape drive

If the service is running, the agent version is below “”, and is not. Puerto Rico or Virgin Islands. Ulrrium from the original on February 16, This counter is in GB. What tape devices are.

Optical servo precisely positioning the heads [15]. Tape on unload rewound to the midpoint—halving access time requires two-reel cassette [13]. The latest levels of device drivers can be downloaded by visiting. Because there are often problems with certain tape drives or systems when end of tape conditions occur, btape has a special command fill that causes it to write random data to a tape until the tape fills.

It is highly recommended that you run the test command before running your first Bacula job to ensure that the parameters you have defined for your storage device tape drive will permit Bacula to function properly. Not Hape Density Code: