You can update to Ethernet board to connect with your computer Mach4 U The choice depends on the high-speed performance required; a parallel-connected motor will provide twice the power of a series-connected motor at the same power supply voltage. The GX is designed to run a large stepper motor efficiently and inexpensively. Full step, half step 5 microstep This page was last updated:

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GV Digital Step Drive. Are you an Amazon customer? Shorting this input to ground term.

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GX Digital Step Drive. GM Quick Start Guide. No software changes are required to take advantage of this and accuracy will not be sacrificed. Never put a switch on the DC side of the power supply!

Dynamic motor braking during fault conditi All Geckodrive motor controls come with our industry leading three-year warranty and free US based technical support. The current can be set in 0. Easy to use features like a DIP switch for user settings from current setting to resonance compensationindicator LEDs for fast diagnosis of proper function, and a universal COMMON input makes for a simple to set up and powerful package.


The connector is split in two pieces; terminals 1 through 6 power supply and motor leads and terminals 7 through 12 control interface. Its tool less, and is simple to use. Do not short the motor leads to each other or to ground; damage will result to the GX. This trimpot adjusts the motor for the smoothest possible low-speed operation. G Troubleshooting and Tuning.

This is the most advanced Gecko Gx drive mounting system to date.

The Y201x will continue totalizing step and direction inputs if any are sent. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. If you have a suggestion for an application note please email the above address. The GX uses a 2mm jumper block and two jumpers to set the resolution.

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Skip to main content. Use heatsink compound between the GX and the heatsink. Connect one end of your current set resistor to this terminal.

If the motor turns in the wrong direction, reverse the motor winding connections to terminals 3 and 4. The GX has many new features based on user. If the item is listed as working, then it was tested to the best of our ability. It is recommended that needle nose pliers or tweezers be used to adjust the jumper settings. I invite you to watch it to see how easy this unit is to use. The GX has 3 settable options which are set via the 10 position DIP switch visible through the aluminum cover.


Built in step pulse multiplier. Was this article helpful?

The power supply current drops to less than 15mA. The GX is designed geckl run a large stepper motor efficiently and inexpensively. Browse Related Browse Related.