Microsoft Windows Mobile 5. After a hard reset, our review device reported 52MB of free storage. Though it lacks a dedicated graphics chip, the M did a good job with video playback of clips in encoded in the kbps range. A waterproof, rugged walkie-talkie phone. As always, we really like E-TEN’s custom suite of applications:

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The Fn key is sticky so you need not hold it down at the same time you’re pressing the desired number or symbol, and a m7700 press of the Fn key turns on Fn lock another double-press turns it off. Finally, M-Desk provides a tabbed graphics-rich alternative to the Windows Mobile Today screen, and the Today screen itself can be populated with shortcuts to applications and device settings.

Eten glofiish M – Full phone specifications

Russia was the most successful market for E-TEN products. The same is true of the X Supports TMC where available. For sound the M has a rear-firing loud speaker than handles system sounds, music playback and the speakerphone. The M has a 2.

A solid 2-in-1 detachable with excellent connectivity. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic.

Eten glofiish M700

There’s plenty of juice to power the Glofiish thanks to a mAh Lithium Ion battery that’s user replaceable. Wang stated that the “acquisition of E-TEN increases Acer’s global footprint by giving us a strong and highly credible presence in the mobility segment.

A notch above expectation. We are adding daily new devices and checking the old errors. You may unsubscribe from these newsletters at any time. In file transfer tests, speeds averaged 90k which is more like straight Bluetooth 2.


It’s a nice addition over the basic Windows Mobile 5 networking control panel which provides very little connection information.

A numberpad is embedded into some of the qwerty keys and the remaining keys offer characters and functions. After a hard reset, our review device reported 52MB of free storage.

During pairing with glofiidh all used the standard passcode we didn’t have to enter the passcode on the M we assume it auto-tries when pairing headsets to save you the trouble. The application uses speech recognition so you need not record voice tags, though you can record them if you wish to improve recognition for challenging commands.

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The touch screen works in both portrait and landscape modes screen rotation is a standard feature of Windows Mobile SE and newerand the smartphone comes with a telescoping stylus. There’s more to the tiny wireless earbuds than meets glofiiwh eye. If you want gen thank you tell us your email: In addition, there are screen rotation icons at the bottom which allow you to quickly switch between left and right-handed landscape modes and portrait mode.

Eten glofiish M700 Specs, review, opinions, comparisons

The biggest winners and losers And is on track to be great. However, the company does push the Pocket PC format to its limit, as the oddly named but feature-packed Glofiish M shows.


The forth tab, System, gives you fairly comprehensive view of system status: You can create a long list of favorite stations 50 per banddim the screen and move from station to station using VCR-style buttons. The company went on to introduce various computer products, both computer hardware and softwarebuilding on its experience in rendering Chinese characters. Outgoing voice using the integrated mic is yen with decent volume but some call m7000 commented that we were definitely not landline clear.

If you’re a push email addict or plan to use WiFi for a few hours each day, expect to charge nightly. It also supports the TMC function which provides road traffic information if available in your country and area. We love FM tuners, but they’re still rare in US market phones. The camera viewfinder takes up the entire screen and you can change between portrait and landscape orientation with the tap of a button.

The reason for the M’s thickness of is that it’s made in two sections.