If you look at the image below the text drive options. Once 7-zip is installed, simply right click the. Extract to the default location. Going for Dell XP upgrade to 8. This intervention typically causes the loss of all operating systems and data on the device. About the Author Chris Hoke is a freelance writer, blogger and musician living in the San Francisco bay area. Warning Deleting the wrong disk partition may cause your operating system to stop functioning properly.

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Warning Deleting the wrong disk partition may cause your operating system to stop functioning properly. You should then run the following patch R to get to the latest version.

Dell MediaDirect

The software is located in a hidden hard drive partition that is activated when you press the external MediaDirect button on your computer.

This will give you the various checksums and they should match the checksums below. Its honestly more hassle than its worth to setup however. Views Read Edit View history. Media Direct lost its name but partition still there.

Mddiadirect the “MediaDirect” partition in the partitions list and then click “Delete Volume. Any help would be appreciated or it could be back to reading the voluminous tomes provided by Microsoft.


Its a shame Dell does not offer support in regards to upgrading to the newer windows systems as like most that have purchased a Dell laptop paying good money hoping it would last them a few good years and then some. This page was last edited on 20 Mayat Second time I expanded just the OS drive and left other partitions alone.

Understanding the Dell MediaDirect Partition

I did try bootsect. I have already done everything in your reply, starting with the mediaDirect partition etc etc and finishing off with the patches. Dell MediaDirect is a suite of applications that intend to add extended multimedia functionality to Dell notebook computers, allowing for CD and DVD playback without needing third-party software. In most cases, you just had a plain machine and it was upon you to make sure that you install the right application for the same. Launch 7zip navigate to where you downloaded the files using 7zip window.

The Dell Meciadirect Reinstallation Guide is an unofficial set of installation guides written and maintained by an individual Philip Yip.

Note that Dell Media Direct only installs on Dell hardware:. It should look like the following:. Media Direct partitions need to be setup before Windows 7 installation.

The Media Direct 3. I finally got it working, after reading god knows how much stuff.

Preparing your Hard Drive: Setting Up Media Direct [A Small Subset of Dell Systems Only]

Do the install, take the cd out of the drive, shut down the laptop then boot with the mediadirect button. It is in system miscellaneous category and is available to all software users as a free download.


You install the tool in a separate entity within the system that is not visible unless you access the system files. Have you anything worth trying? The application must be installed after the system drivers including Dell Quickset rell on the Windows Desktop.

How to Remove Dell MediaDirect |

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Exercise caution when managing your disk partitions. It seems like other people have managed but there is no explanation as to how. Thankyou for the tutorial Philip, I find it very helpful. Boot in to windows 7, put the mediadirect cd in the drive, navigate to dellkit and run delkit.

Can you tell me precisely why we should use 7zip and ImgBurnas any burner will do the job. My instructions above were slightly wrong and have now been amended.