The configuration data start at a write-protected section address 0xC0. Voice codec interface fills ping data buffer, once buffer is full, the voice codec interface sets the ping valid bit. Modem cannot be switched while a connection is already made. The PCI block handles a write that needs to have a different byte alignment. This stop bit 3 can be used for either reads or writes. Step down in data rate as necessary by repeatedly requesting an incremental rate fall back. When the DSP generates an interrupt, the host clears the interrupt by writing to the interrupt register.

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An alternative implementation of the above software architecture is shown in FIG.

Cyberstation 54m wireless pci adapter driver

A subsequent PIO access to PIO address 01 either reads or writes to the indirect address specified by the data previously written to address For example, if the DirectSound buffer is small enough to scatter lock the entire memory, the DSP may process the buffer continuously using a circular buffer. Interrupt inputs to the interrupt register are suitably pulse type.

The time base of the state aapter is preferably the constant PCI clock rate but can be the DSP clock, although the DSP clock may vary depending on the performance requirements of other functions unrelated to the stereo codec.

The VSP is situated in a place where no bottleneck is introduced because the VSP is located where the video, audio, or serial output is situated. All of the bits are active high and all bits are reset to a 0. If a channel that is in standby mode is needed, it will be active again a few mSec after the Frame Sync is started up again.


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This entails “walking” individually scattered 4K pages under Windows 9x. The address counter is suitably the maximum size to point to any location in memory.

The role of marking the ping and pong valid bits is also reversed. In linear mode, the voice codec pads the LSB nibble of the sent data word with volume control settings contained in wirelees voice codec volume control register. Once the ping page cyberstatjon is valid the host sets the pong dwNextPageList to point to the ping page list indicating to the DSP that once the pong page list is cyberrstation the ping page list can be processed.

The PCI block and DMA state machines communicate validity of data via the ping and pong valid bits, set by the appropriate receiver or sender.

Host-based soft modem i. Although threads can be raised to real-time high priority via software, they are still at or below IRQ2 dispatch.

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The PCI control state machine selects which address gets passed to the memory arbiter by looking at the DMA coupled bit. When a memory object is allocated, a handle, rather than a pointer, is generated to identify and to refer to the memory object.

Although this mode allows data buffers to start on non-word byte boundaries, the data can start at the most significant byte of the word at 0xF and the DPRAM Addr is then 0x This shifted value is used to break up a ping buffer into multiple transfers. Default values are used in the configuration registers. Advantageously, a system example handles multiple steams including several source streams, and simultaneous destination streams.


The head wirrless tail pointers wirelrss 16 bit offset values from the beginning of the message queue space. At this point, the allocation process in DirectDSP allocates the balance of the task granules to host emulation, in one process embodiment.

The interrupt register collects an edge triggered event. For fine granules such as DSP functions e. The object defines a task and resides in host main memory. Byte Steering is used to pick out the correct byte in a wjreless for the VSP word-based operations.

The SC Xmt ping and pong buffers are completely filled each time they are replenished with data. For example, a source handle references a source memory buffer. Time-slicing comes below prioritization in the scheduling scheme.

This bit will be reset to a 1 powered down. In other embodiments with dynamic linking, wlreless fixed run address feature is relaxed. The voice codec is driven by the C5x on the same serial bus as a modem AC01 codec in a slave mode, since the Frame Sync signals on the AC01 are active low, and the Cyberstatino Sync signal on the AC56 is active high. The C5x has low latency access to the status of two events: