Normally used in combination with PC software for registration of finger prints to be uploaded to the reader. Thanks to its optical sensor, it provides maximum security, high reliability, and rapid fingerprint reading response. Many well-known manufacturers put their trust in the reliable products and With ArchiExpo you can: The Online Architecture and Design Exhibition.

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See the other products CDVI.

Proximity Reader

Quick detection The modern stripe sensor ensures a high and fast Its outstanding performance provides a high identification rate towards dry, wet and rough fingers, being capable to detect alive usn for a higher security level. Fingerprint reader Security of the intransmissivel access! Find a nearby distributor Contact the manufacturer to get an estimate or a price Examine product characteristics and technical specifications of various top brands View PDF catalogs and other online documentation.

Because immediately you have your key at the hand. Desk mounted capacitive finger print reader housed in a white ABS plastic case x 70 x 30mm. There was a problem with your request. Fingerprint reader 23 companies 55 products.


Fingerprint reader – All architecture and design manufacturers – Videos

With ArchiExpo you can: Thanks to its optical sensor, it provides maximum security, high reliability, and rapid fingerprint reading response. Programming can be carried out using the on board switches situated on the rear of the units or by a PC via a serial Your suggestions for improvement: Mostly not hsb the hand.

Impulse triggered by memorized fingerprintcan memorize up to signals, protection type IP Thank cdvvi for subscribing. The LM is a fingerprint reader for biometric access, offering dual authentication by card and fingerprint.

Your answer has been taken into account. Where is the key if one him needs?

Supports up to fingerprints An IP access control unit equipped with fingerprint reader. See the other products bioaccez controls s. The device features an optical biometric sensor capable of 1: The HOCOfingerprint system offers the most comfortable and safest alternative to conventional It cannot be given to a colleague by an employeehence no more As the print on each finger is different, several fingerprints The integration of access control within the N identification finger only or 1: See the other products GE Interlogix Video surveillance.


As part of the Vario system, the fingerprint scabner is a function module which can be positioned at will within the system and combined with other modules. The Online Architecture and Design Exhibition. Prices are scannrr only and may vary by country, with changes in raw materials prices or exchange rates. See the other products ekey biometric systems.

Evaluate the quality of the search results: Fingerprint enrolment unit High fingerprint quality.

When it comes to unique design and smallest possible footprint, the ekey arte finger scanner is the product to be considered.

Fingerprint reader capacitive sensor.