Both Simple Scan and Skanlite report that they can’t find a scanner. No such file or directory. If you are sill having trouble, you can check this page: I am using Did you download the. I’m new to Ubuntu having just migrated from windows XP.

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IMHO, it had had a remarkable lifespan for a piece of electronic-plus-mechanical equipment! The downloadable driver install tool for brothers is really great stuff. And a thank you to the original poster. I deleted the printer System setting printer and then re-ran the installer precisely as indicated. If so, were you able to extract it, and successfully execute the commands listed?

It would still print and receive faxes but refused to copy or scan.

No such file or directory dpkg -b. Does anyone have a solution so I can use the scanner as well? This works nicely to install the printer in Ubuntu No such file or directory mv: Downloads directory should only ever be a temporary location used during download and installation.


[SOLVED] Installing Brother Priners and Scanners Just Got Easier [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

I have now got it working. I have a Unix book but it is very difficult to use as you need to know what you are looking for. To remove unneeded files, you can use the “autoremove” command.

Any ideas of what is going on? Then choose 14 ip address and then enter the IP e. On my MFC 4in1 bro, it misses out on the fax stuff I’ve got it done manually.

Is there a book that any of you guys would recommend? Two lines of useful Terminal code: I have a wired USB connection to the printer.

You link worked flawlessly. Can you not use the Gear System settings and delete the extra printer?

Download (PC-FAX driver, FAX modem Driver)

Does this only apply to the Download directory and assume that files which have been executed since download are no longer needed? Not intending to be too picky, but there is no.

My printer is connected using a USB cable. No such file or directory cat: Thanks for the recommendation.


Brother MFC-7240 Driver Download – Mac, Windows, Linux

I do not know when it will happen but the printer will take a job and start printing hundreds of pages with a line of garbage on it.

For me at least that’s what works, and yes, the bash script install program is not used very often in Ubuntu’s default Terminal. So how far have you progressed? It never messes up the first job. Coming from Windows I’m struggling with the Xterm command line stuff needed for installing downloaded stuff so helpful replies will need this detail please. Just download the tar. I have never heard of a file redundancy attribute. I can do this since the printer is right next to my desk.

I will add one comment. Is there garbage that is not getting cleared out.