Right click the drive selection box and click ‘Family Tree’ for me please. Ben Myers, Nov 23, Can someone help me with this? The silicon image controller is built into the motherboard, an older abit board from IE probably A B and stuff? Ask a Question Want to reply to this thread or ask your own question? By mpeterm , December 22, in ImgBurn Support.

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ASUS DRW-24B1ST Drivers/Firmware Issue

Last edited by bigfoob ; Am I correct in reading the silicon image link that I can load an updated controller driver that will allow the ASUS to be recognized as an optical drive? Ben Myers, Nov 23, Dont thank me in a post.

By mpeterm .105, December 22, in ImgBurn Support. AVRS is designed to reduce vibration anD noise induced by unbalanced mass of rotating machinery.

The innovative drive E-Green Engine technology features an E-Green Mode that automatically closes drive applications when not in use to help conserve energy – helping the environment by decreasing CO2 emissions and reducing the depletion of trees. I even tried to verify independant of the burn, and still no go.


DRWB1ST | DVD & BluRay Optical Drives | ASUS USA

Please log in or register to reply. Thanks for the update! Cup of Russia Thanks for the help. Perhaps I am mistaken in assus that this was the situationā€¦I just remember checking PE Explorer and debugging them in memory, and with the older ones you could literally find the. Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies.

Moo Proleague Season 2.

Login or Sign Up. Hope this message gets through I found nothing jet. All you need is an unlocked flasher and an unscrambled binary file of the firmware you want to flash.

It has been a while for me to experiment with crossflashing, but with FU7. I probably would not return the drive to Newegg, but would keep it for another computer, qsus the last return seems to have been my mistake. Agon League Season 2.

DRWB1ST BIOS & FIRMWARE | DVD & BluRay Optical Drives | ASUS USA

Also before you make the assumption that this is fake or a scam I can show drw-24bs1t my orders and the deliveries etc. That log shows you burning at 6x, have you tried 8x too? Sounds broke to me. Cause like i said, I successfully extracted a few. They list several, which would you suggest?


I thank you for keeping this sticky up to snuff with the current tools. Progression, Balance Changes, and more! Do you have the same issue if you burn in safe mode?

Done this without a eeprom. Korean Music Discussion Series you have seen recently For example, the recent iHAS E 4L0A flasher is one of these unlocked flashers, which can be used for this purposeā€¦. Has anybody a iHASC bin-file?

I’ve also found a guy on Tom’s hardware with the same problem that posted within the week. Console Clearance and Flashing Service.