We had a day off and we went into the studio and arranged to record there. Coachella , Saturday pics. Keith Eberl asks who would be your fantasy tour mates? How does it make you feel to have such a cult following? We did the drums in, like, three days with Matt Durrant, the drummer from Sianspheric, in a little studio in Toronto [Broadcast Lane]. I moved my head.

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At least with some tracks. When we were checking the credits for the publishers one of the credits on there was Phil Taylor, their old late drummer.

There was also some great music emerging from the UK at that time – it was an exciting time for underground guitar music. That was also a mess. And then we transferred it and went out into the wild by this lake and recorded on Cubase. Around the UK in 20 Songs. So, in the end, we ended up playing most of the bass parts. Black Mountain Music Format: But here’s the twist!

So that’s how the story got out.

Adam Franklin – Wikipedia

Do people have stories like this to tell you the world over? It’s great that you have the option today rather than the “three singles and an album” business model that most labels followed when we first started.


In fact, by the time a new record finally does come out you tend to have had enough of it because you’ve heard it so many times by that point!

David Bowie passed away at the beginning of of course and it seemed to trigger somebody famous dying almost every week. But then it came back around and other bands from that era started reforming.

an interview with Adam Franklin of Swervedriver, tour dates

Yeah, we recorded all that by the lake. Swervedriver have completed several successful US, Australian and European tours since reforming inbut with the addition of NYC drummer Mikey Jones ina shift in gear spurred a new creative period for the band. And we did a bit of playing together. The offers were there so we thought why not? And the half of the album that was recorded in London was the day after playing the Raise show in London.

How long did the basic tracking take for Mezcal Head? We also road-tested some new material and did some recording in Melbourne and Perth.

And spent about two weeks laying stuff down. I remember at the time the Boo Radleys were recording Giant Steps, and I met Martin [Carr] for a drink, and he asked about how we did the tracks. See more of Swervedriver on Facebook. Charlie Francis is credited as a producer.


How has the industry changed since the 90s and the rise of the Internet? He was too embarrassed to do that. I think if you listened to the original four-tracks, you might be surprised at how many of those little parts are in there.

That song first adqm on the On Parole album and it’s basically a collection of the first recordings Lemmy made with Motorhead after he left Hawkwind and got the band together. DiS Meets Adam Franklin. The band split in half. Thank you Renato – you have a great night! It’s quite ironic that the most press we’ve had in a long time swdrvedriver over a situation like that. And the studio space was in the basement.