The CineDash Media Console makes a direct control of audio and media player functions possible. Both of its buttons are user-friendly and there clicking noise is rather quiet. Also the video chip utilizes up-to-date technology. The maximum temperature of Nevertheless, typing itself is user-friendly, but, accompanied by a loud clicking noise. However, weighing gramme the Aspire G belongs to the heaviest notebooks of its category.

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The only weak point, is the battery, which slightly wobbles. Finally, the Acer Aspire is also equipped with an ExpressCard slot at the tapered part of this side. The touch pad looks good and works user-friendly.

Acer Aspire 6920 6920g – Blu Ray DVD CD Optical Disk Drive Bc-5500a

After all, a notebook is more than a device for watching DVD, sorry, Blu-Ray films and this aspect ratio might not be ideal for other applications. This design brings about, that the display folds open down and back and interfaces could, therefore, not be located at the back side. Also response and precision are alright. The dominating colour of this notebook is black, whereas the glossy lid with illuminated Acer Logo attracts attention. Designed as entertainment notebook the Acer Aspire is equipped with up-to-date hardware.

We tried a number ader different types of music and the speakers, located above the keyboard, did quite well. The viewing angles of the Acer Aspire G’s display could also not really convince.


Acer Aspire wont play Blu-ray movies – Blu-ray Forum

The most important difference is the innovative display, which entails a new format of the case. Although the Media Console did not react at once, this problem suddenly disappeared. Base unit and display are well resistant against applied forces. The case is attached by an elongated duct and the hinges located at its sides are strikingly blue illuminated. Unfortunately, the notebook is due to the good hardware equipment predominately loud.

Of course this has an impact of the price. Video of Display’s Viewing Angles. For this purpose you should consider to choose the more powerful T CPU.

In combination with the Blu-Ray drive you can watch films in best quality, accompanied by a good sound quality.

The hinges do not only look good, they also work properly.

Acer Aspire 6920 6920g Series Genuine Blu Ray Dvd-rw Optical IDE Drive Uj-120

But, considering aspir is an entertainment notebook, the noise during DVD playback of By the way, this Aspire notebook comes with quite a lot of pre-installed software. The performance of Call of Duty 4 – Modern Warfare was also alright. At the time of writing it costs about ,- Euro more. Its gross capacity is GB and its revolution speed is rpm.


Furthermore, moving the hinges requires some force. Benchmarks World in Conflict. Its surface acerr identical to the one of the palm rest areas and it is just right for moving the finger over it in order to move the mouse pointer.

The optical drive is at the right side near the front. The Aspire G is equipped with a Neither the top nor the bottom side got considerably warmer. Crysis is to some degree playable with these setting s Fpshowever, the quality of the graphics could not really convince. To, summarize, the office performance of the Acer Aspire G is goodwhereas it also has sufficient reserve capacities for the future.

Please refer to the section ‘Input Devices’ for a detailed discussion of this touch-sensitive console. The advantage due to the Penryn CPU gets especially obvious in the picture displaying the rendering benchmark. Furthermore, the G is equipped with an built-in 56k modem V. Once again, a new design is introduced, which is obviously based on the previous Gemstone designbut, brings a lot of changes about.